549 Moon Clinton Road    Moon Township, PA 15108

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Our primary concern is the safety and comfort of our guests. We ask that you abide by these rules in order to keep your’s and every one else’s experience at the drive in fun and safe.

- No switching screens, ticket sales are strictly regulated by the studios. If you wish to switch to another screen you must buy tickets.

- Due to insurance regulations, motorcycles are not permitted in the drive in.

- Due to insurance regulations, pets are not permitted in the drive in. Service dogs are welcome, however please keep in mind that service animals defined by the ADA (title II & III) are animals individually trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability (seeing eye animal, hearing animal, seizure response animal, etc.). Emotional support or comfort animals are NOT considered service animals per the ADA’s guidelines. We thank you for your cooperation.

- Park By Color: In order for everyone to be able to see, cars must park by color of the pole…

White Pole: Cars, compact pickups, small forward facing crossovers.

Aqua Pole: SUV’s, minivans, and crossovers.

Yellow Poles: Large vans and trucks.

Parking rules subject to change at lot attendants discretion.

- Hatches must be secured no higher than roof level (string available).

- Please extinguish all lights.

- When driving through the lots, 5 mph speed limit.

- During our warmer months when guests are sitting outside, please do not run your engine.

- No reserving spaces.

- Chairs and blankets must be in front or behind vehicle, not beside. One space per vehicle.

- Please be respectful when smoking. Smoking is allowed at the drive in, however if you are bothering someone we ask that you stop or go off to the sides or back where you will not bother anyone. There is no smoking in our snack bars or restrooms.

- No firearms allowed on property.

- No open flames such as BBQ’s allowed. Citronella candles or any kind of bug repellant is fine.

- Please keep your voices down when the movie is on.

- Avoid horn use.

- Accompany your young children to the snack bar or restrooms.

- No shirt, no shoes, no service in the snack bar.

- Dispose of your garbage in our various trash cans, please do not leave it lay on the ground, it is bad for the wildlife. Help us keep our theater clean.

- Laser pointers on the screen are not permitted.

- Acts of vandalism are not tolerated and will be prosecuted.

- Sneaking someone in is considered theft of service and theft by deception. Be honest.

- Management reserves the right to refuse or revoke admission without a refund.

We thank you for you cooperation in keeping the drive in a fun and safe place.