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Whether this will be your first trip to the drive in or you are just looking for some helpful tips to make the most of your next experience, you’ve come to the right place! These tips will be sure to make your next drive in experience a fun and enjoyable time for everyone!

- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the summer months are typically our busiest evenings. We recommend arriving no later than 7:30pm on those evenings to ensure you do not get turned away due to a sell-out, and ensure you have ample time to get parked, get some food, and be ready for showtime!

- When drive ins were designed, there were not any SUV’s and way less trucks. With that said, there are more car spaces than SUV and Truck spaces. We must park larger vehicles towards the sides or the back so everyone is able to see. Parking is based on height of the vehicle. The smaller the vehicle the better space you will get. If you are forced to bring an SUV, we strongly recommend not opening the rear hatch and sitting in the back. You will most likely get a spot closer to the screen if you face forward with your SUV. If you have an SUV or truck, arrive early.

- We are unable to offer any group or discount rates to birthday parties and groups, but we can do our best to ensure you are all parked together or very close. If you have a large party or group, try to all be at the box office when the gates open, and let our lot attendants know you would like to be together.

- Dead batteries happen… ALOT. If you should need a jump or have any kind of car trouble, just stop by the concession stand and let us know. If you are using your car radio for sound and would like to avoid having a dead battery, run your vehicle during intermission to charge it back up. Or better yet, bring a portable radio so you do not have to worry about it!

- Some HD radios tend to have a slight delay in their audio. Toyotas seem to be the worst with that issue. You may wish to bring a portable radio just in case.

- Daytime running lights need to be off or covered while the movie is on. In most cars, it is possible to turn them off by shutting the car off, applying the parking brake, and putting your car back into accessory mode. As long as the lights are in the off position, they should now be extinguished. In some jeeps, it is possible to extinguish them by going into the settings on your radio touch screen. And in some vehicles, just turning your car off and pressing the power button on your radio can turn the radio on without any exterior lighting. If you are having trouble turning them off just let us know and we can help!

- Can’t get the interior lights to shut off because your rear hatch is open? Just take a key or small screwdriver and flip the latch shut on your hatch door. The car will think the hatch is shut and as long as no other doors are open, the interior lights will go off.

- If your dashboard has bright lights in it, we recommend bringing a towel to drape over it so you  do not have bright lights shining up at you while watching the movie.

- Drive ins and theaters rely on concession sales to pay the bills. Most of the box office sales go to the movie studios to help fund the movies. If you would like to see the drive in stay alive for generations to come, visit the concession stand.

- Many people think of the concession stand as a place to get popcorn, drinks, and candy. But it is so much more! Why eat before you come when you can have dinner at the drive in? We have all kinds of food from cheeseburgers, hotdogs, chicken, pizza, corn dogs and so much more. And why not stop by at intermission for dessert? We have ice cream, funnel cakes, churros, and everything else to satisfy that sweet tooth!

- Don’t let the weather deter you, we are open rain or shine!

- Weekday crowds are smaller than weekend crowds and coming during the weekdays can be more relaxed environment with less parking restrictions.

- In the cold months where nobody is sitting outside, you are permitted to run your car for heat. Just make sure all the lights are extinguished!